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Anticipated Roadmap

  • SparkleCOIN offers blockchain development and consulting services 

    Distributed ledger applications, Custom Token creation, and other Fintech software on the SparkleCOIN blockchain (March 13, 2018)

  • SparkleCOIN to Enhance Blockchain

    Further optimizations for better business transactions (Q3, 2018)

  • Major corporate announcements

    Corporate expansions worldwide (Q3, 2018)


    Official launch and the start of services (July 31, 2018)

  • Payment Gateway

    Vcoin Exchange begins cryptocurrency payment processing (2018)

  • Partnership Rollout

    Announcement and launch for partnership ventures (2018)

  • Expansion & Growth

    Continual promotions and efforts to further the adoption, use, and demand for Sparkle Coin.


SparkleCOIN Tutorial Videos

SparkleCOIN Fiat Currency Purchase Walkthrough

SparkleCOIN Cryptocurrency Purchase Walkthrough

SparkleCOIN Wallet Download and Installation Walkthrough

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