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How Cryptocurrency Wallets Work

May 16, 2018

                It’s an essential component in the cryptocurrency world, and yet, much like blockchain technology itself, the functional mechanics of how cryptocurrency wallets function remain nebulous to many. Of course, a complete understanding of the technical side of a product isn’t at all necessary to employ its use. But for those of you who wish to get a better idea of how cryptocurrency wallets do what they do, read on. 
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sparklecoin exchange listing

Help Sparkle Coin Get Listed on SouthXchange!

May 07, 2018

Sparkle Coin has reached the preliminary stage of acceptance onto SouthXxchange. In order to move on to this exchange, the next step in this process requires the support of the SparkleCOIN community.
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VCoin Mall Gives Away A Ferrari

April 03, 2018

    VCoin Mall aims to be the premiere destination for shopping with cryptocurrency. Because we’re so excited to share this vision with the world, we’ve decided to do something a little extreme. We’re giving away an exotic, jaw-dropping, tricked-out 360 Modena F1 Ferrari.  Click Here to Enter .
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SparkleCOIN Now Offers New Blockchain Services

SparkleCOIN Now Offers New Blockchain Services

March 20, 2018

At SparkleCOIN, our focus has always been the business-minded value in blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring blockchain technology and the utilities it has to businesses worldwide. That’s why today, we’re proud to present our newest service, token creation.
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vcoin mall launch cryptocurrency store


March 06, 2018

Altcoin Marketer is a blockchain news media. They excel in publishing news on everything cryptocurrency and blockchain focused. On March 6th, they put out an article covering the upcoming launch of VCoin Mall. 
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vcoin mall cryptocurrency shopping

Coin Announcer Covers VCoin Mall

March 02, 2018

Cryptocurrency news site "Coin Announcer" talks about VCoin Mall and our announcement of the launch date! It reads, " With growing consumer demand around more flexible and convenient real-world crypto usages, such as ecommerce purchases, VCoin is well positioned to tackle this demand." 
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VCoin Exchange Withdrawal Fee and Sell Order Updates

VCoin Exchange Withdrawal Fee and Sell Order Updates

February 28, 2018

Today we’re happy to announce that two updates will be implemented in VCoin Exchange starting tomorrow, March 1st. The first is a reduction in withdrawal fees when transferring Sparkle Coins from the exchange to your wallet. The second is a new feature that will allow VCoin Exchange users to place multiple buy and sell limit orders on the market.

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sparklecoin ico party

CCN's Coverage of SparkleCOIN's ICO Celebration

February 27, 2018

Throwback post! It feels like forever and a half ago now but just this past December we held a legendary party to celebrate the success of our ICO. And like all legendary parties, of course, Snoop was there.
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WN Writes On SparkleCOIN

February 26, 2018

This one's an oldie but a goodie. WN breaks down what makes SparkleCOIN SparkleCOIN in this feature. " SparkleCOIN’s unique approach has allowed them to gather a strong community of long-term investors and ICO participants." 
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yahoo sparkle coin feature

Yahoo News Spotlights Sparkle Coin

February 23, 2018

In an article titled "A few alternatives for using and trading cryptocurrencies," Yahoo News hits the nail on the head about one of the key factors that sets Sparkle Coin apart. 
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Inc. Feature On SparkleCOIN's "Value First" Philosophy

February 22, 2018

" For some brands, like  Sparkle Coin , this means creating effective marketing and messages on the value provided to consumers, while not hiding some challenges."
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VCoin Mall to Launch This Summer

VCoin Mall to Launch This Summer

February 21, 2018

VCoin Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency-based online store that allows visitors to purchase products and services from multiple major e-tailers, is set to launch on   July 31st, 2018
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