Sparkle Coin ICO at Techcrunch's Disrupt S.F.

On September 20, 2017 Sparkle Coin, Inc. will make available four (4) million Sparkle Coins to be sold through its ICO to be conducted live at Techcrunch's Disrupt San Francisco. Sparkle Coin, Inc. will be displaying information and answering questions September 18th through September 20th in the main exhibition area as a Partner-Level sponsor. On September 20, 2017 Sparkle Coin, Inc. will conduct an ICO live during a special reception from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. The event will be live-streamed to the world through the Sparkle Coin website:


  • Sparkle Coin

    Hello Allen, the price of the coins start at $5 and increase to a maximum price of $163.

    This is how the ICO will be conducted: In the ICO shopping site, eighty (80) blocks of coins are displayed, each containing inventory of 50,000 coins. The first block will be priced at $5 per Sparkle Coin. Each subsequent block of 50,000 coins will have a price increase of $2.00. The last block of the coins will be priced at $163.00. This is to allow supply and demand to determine the price at which Sparkle Coin is sold. It will be based on a first come, first served basis.

  • Allen Henderson

    What will be the price of each coin?

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