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Sparkle Coin’s mission is to create a more efficient global economic growth and promote societal advancement by developing a platform that brings cryptocurrencies into mainstream business and consumer markets.

By adhering to these practices, we hope to bring the world closer together by introducing a new universal cryptocurrency-driven economy.



Development of Sparkle Coin and the ecosphere of companies started two years ago in 2015, which culminates at the Sparkle Coin ICO on September 20, 2017. 






Sparkle Coin company overview





Victor Wong, President and Chief Executive Officer

Victor Wong, President and Chief Executive Officer

The founder, President and CEO of Sparkle Coin, Inc. has an extensive background in business, specializing in bringing disruptive technologies into the mainstream.

In 1997, Mr. Wong became Founder and CEO of PowerTools, one of a handful of authorized Mac OS compatible computer makers by Apple Computer. PowerTools designed, produced and sold the most powerful Mac OS computers ever built at that time. PowerTools was the first company to offer bare-bones models, allowing users to upgrade their systems with components they deemed necessary for their specific requirements. PowerTools was also the first to ship a high-power PowerPC G3 processor system with MacOS 8, which quickly became the default Mac OS system for high-end graphics and video users worldwide.

In regard to finance and commerce specific ventures, from 2000 onwards, Mr. Wong was the Founder and CEO of Ecommercesoft, an enterprise providing internet-based business software solutions. A highlight of this venture was MetroShop, an Enterprise resource planning system with web-based frontend based on WebObject from Apple. MetroShop was promoted by Apple as an enterprise software solution for its clients such as Lucent Technologies, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and many others.

From 2003, Mr. Wong was Co-Founder and CEO of Open Labs, the maker of computer enhanced musical instruments. Instruments created by Open Labs were used to produce recorded music and perform live by Timbaland, Maroon 5, Korn, Faith Hill, Madonna, Prince, Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, and many others. As an example, all of the keyboards on stage during Prince’s historic Super Bowl performance were designed by Mr. Wong and produced by his company. Regarded as the first company to integrate Windows and Mac OS computers into hybrid musical instruments, Open Labs helped usher in the use of computers in music production and performance, which is now regarded as the norm.

In 2010, Mr. Wong launched and acted as CEO of Music Computing, a maker of computer enhanced musical instruments, particularly keyboard production stations, large screen multi-touch controllers and laptop keyboard controllers. Mr. Wong created the product concept and / or designed all the products released by Music Computing.

Mr. Wong has been featured in numerous publications worldwide including MacWorld, PC Magazine, Music Tech and Sound on Sound as well as daily newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. Victor has appeared in video and on television with notable people associated with his products, including Timbaland, Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, Korn, Maroon 5 and many more.

Mr. Wong graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and holds patents in the fields of music technology and computer technologies.


David Chen Sparkle Coin VP Financial StrategyDavid Chen, VP of Financial Strategy and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chen has an impressive background in the business world, particularly that of finance.

From 2005 to 2014 Mr. Chen acted as National Director of China Services Group for Deloitte Mexico.

From 2014 onwards, Mr. Chen became Partner of the Chinese Services Group during which he led more than 500 transactions across various industries and functions while working closely with over 70 Fortune global companies in emerging markets.

From February 2016 to recently, Mr. Chen has been the Senior Vice President of BLCP Capital, an investment firm which identifies and evaluates investment opportunities across multiple sectors and platforms for its customers. As Senior Vice President, Mr. Chen is responsible for all inbound and outbound investments for the company. BLCP Capital currently provides investment advisory services to Global Fortune 500 companies.


Mehmet (Matt) Oguz, VP of SalesMehmet (Matt) Oguz, VP of Sales

Has over 20 years’ experience in sales, sales leadership, sales operations, customer success and partner management, is fluent in three languages, has lived in four countries, done business in over 100 and worked with even more nationalities from around the world.

A veteran of global leaders Cisco, HP and IBM, Matt has led services and software sales organizations with tens of millions to over $1 billion annual sales. He has a track record of leading diverse sales teams to success, creating lasting trust relationships with customers and partners and designing market changing sales strategies.

Throughout his career, Matt has had the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes and industries, from Fortune 500 to small and medium business, financial services to retail and with customers/partners across multiple continents in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia regions.

A member of regional senior leadership teams at HP and Cisco, Matt has extensive experience in international strategy design, implementation, operations as well as investments and acquisitions.

Matt has also run his own boutique training and consulting company for two years, providing consulting services and workshops in the areas of startups, innovation and international expansion as well as providing sales and management trainings to both global and small and medium business customers.


Pancham Singh, Chief Information Officer


Pancham Singh, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Singh has over 20 years of experience in software programming including but not limited to desktop applications, server applications, cloud-computing applications, iOS and Android portable devices applications, as well as financial transaction platform applications and protocols.

Key competencies for Mr. Singh include: Node.js, Loopback, Express, Server Side JavaScript, TypeScript / AngularJS 2.0 and AngularJS 1.x, Ionic / Mobile development (Javascript, HTML5 and CSS) / Test Driven Development (Mocha) / SalesForce (Sales and Marketing Cloud) / SalesForce Migrations and Integrations / Master Data Management (MDM) - Reltio / Payment Gateways / Bitcoin payments (bitpay integration) / Blockchain and cryptocurrency / Security Standards – SAML, OAuth / Java/J2EE / PHP (Laravel and Kohana) / HTML, CSS / Web Services and REST.

Other notable experiences include: Promises. Async, Generator based flow controls, Loopback, Mongoose, Passport, Cordova/​PhoneGap, AngularJS 2.0 and AngularJS 1.x, Ionic, Backbone, Underscore/lodash, Mocha, jQuery, HTML5/CSS, LESS, Payment Gateways / VisualForce, Apex, Data Model, Workflow, Triggers, Batch and Scheduled Jobs, Merge/Unmerge, Territory Alignments, Contract Management, Reports, Integrations, Data Loader, WebServices, REST and Metadata API / Java, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate,Tomcat, EJB (Session and Message Beans), Mule ESB, Apache Solr, Coherence Cache, WebLogic Application Server, JMS, Apache JMeter, JUnit, EasyMock, DBUnit / PHP5, Laravel, Kohana, Drupal, Moodle, OpenCart / WebSphere MQ, Active MQ, Web Services, REST, Informatica PowerCenter / Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB, DynamoDB / Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Visual Studio 2010 / SVN, TFS, GIT / SCRUM, KANBAN / AWS, Selenium, OWASP, Veeva Salesforce CRM, Quartz Job Scheduler, Ant, SAML, OAuth.


Travis Redding, Chief Technology Officer

Travis Redding, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Redding was a founder, V.P. of operations and C.O.O. of Livid Instruments, a music technology company. Livid Instruments is credited with being the creator of one of the world’s first software based system for live video performance.

Mr. Redding's background is in design and project management of software systems with hardware controllers. Experienced in software process design and hardware development, Mr. Redding either designed or project managed over 40 products while Livid was on the leading edge of music and video performance and recording using software based and embedded systems controllers. This project management often included large scale overseas contract manufacturing and distribution.

Mr. Redding helped build Livid Instruments into a globally recognized multi-media software and hardware company. Working with an extensive clientele of multi-media corporations and well- known artists, Mr. Redding engineered and managed teams creating products ranging from single proprietary solutions to large scale production devices and software offerings distributed in major retail stores like the Apple store, Guitar Center, and Amazon.

Encompassing a decade of cutting edge innovation, his work has been featured in wired magazine, popular science, remix, and make magazine.

Mr. Redding holds numerous full and provisional patents. His recent work is with Linux and micro-controller based programming with research into blockchain technology and its further integration and application to mainstream commerce.


Michael Beavers, Chief Operations OfficerMichael Beavers, Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Beavers was formally educated in engineering and a graduate of Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas; graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and graduate of the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island with a Master’s Degree in National Security and Strategy. 

Mr.  Beavers served as a service resource officer, overseeing $4.1 billion in asset across multiple program offices as prescribed within the U.S. Presidential budget, ensuring no cost overruns, nor additional requirements added.

He completed the Executive Level Leadership Course, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution Resource Management Course for the Pentagon; Co-Authored Organizational and Instructional Curriculum for Department Head Level Training of the U.S. Navy's Surface Fleet.


Satyen Chavda, ControllerSatyen Chavda, Controller 

Mr. Chavda has extensive experience in both business management as well as accounting services. Mr. Chavda was previously partner and head of finance for a group operating multiple locations of “Subway” sandwich franchises.