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Why blockchain and why Sparkle Coin Group?

Blockchain (or distributed ledger) - will transform the way we do business. Although best known for cryptocurrencies, blockchain is much more than just the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. It has the potential to create radical changes and efficiency gains in every economic segment.

Already, financial institutions, retail, logistics, manufacturing companies and others, have either invested in, or planning investments in blockchain technologies, with expected efficiency gains or costs reductions of up to 70%.

As blockchain becomes more and more pervasive, becomes the defacto industry standard for everything; from supply chain to financial transactions, and more, early adapters of blockchain technologies will have gained potentially insurmountable competitive advantages, possibly domination and control the new business standards and infrastructures in their industries.

Public vs. private / federated blockchain

Before starting a blockchain project, one must decide what kind of blockchain they want to use. Just like public cloud vs. private cloud, buying and installing an enterprise application vs. using cloud software (SaaS), internet vs. intranet and other examples, a blockchain can be either public or private/federated.

The main difference lies in who can participate. Anyone can participate and maintain the shared ledger in a public blockchain, whereas participation is through invitation only in a private or federated blockchain.

Just like the examples of public vs. private cloud or onsite vs. cloud software, there are cost implications to maintain and manage a private blockchain.

Blockchain experience and expertise are rare commodities

As with all new technologies, and more specifically technologies with such transformative and disruptive potential, finding experienced and skilled blockchain developers or consultants is both difficult and costly.

Sparkle Coin Group - your partner for blockchain projects

Having developed its own hybrid PoS/PoW blockchain, Sparkle Coin Group has a team of in-house blockchain experts and project managers along with a network of experienced blockchain developers. Sparkle Coin Group provides a robust and flexible development team for:

  • Custom blockchain projects, private, federated or public.
  • Blockchain consulting and services- industry specific solutions