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NEW! Turnkey custom-branded token creation: Token, desktop wallets, and blockchain explorer all for just $25,000!

At SparkleCOIN, our focus has always been the business-minded value in blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring blockchain technology and the utilities it has to businesses worldwide. That’s why today, we’re proud to present our newest service, token creation.

In the past few years, blockchain tokens have exploded in use and shown themselves to be powerful tools for businesses. Amongst their many uses, they provide a method for circumventing the steep traditional fundraising process that so often acts as a barrier to new businesses with great ideas. When talented teams with huge potential get stuck at the starting line, the whole world loses. Businesses both new and old can launch themselves to the next level by taking advantage of blockchains, the versatile and powerful technology behind cryptocurrency.

But for as useful as blockchain tokens can be, actually creating usable tokens can be a little easier said than done. The technical details involved in the development of these tokens and the associated components still represent a resource-intensive and sometimes risky affair for new businesses with limited budgets, staff, and time.

This nascent world of blockchain-based business is one in which everything moves very quickly and it’s easy to get lost in the dust. On top of that, acquiring and implementing the resources and technology needed to get a token into fully functioning form can take away valuable time and energy that a startup could put to much better use.

SparkleCOIN has the solution to this problem with our new token creation services. We’ll do the heavy lifting on your token so you can focus on your company. You don’t have to gamble on your budget and timeline with Sparkle Coin Token Creation. The fees are flat and the turnaround is quick and predictable. $25,000 for a thirty day token creation process, with an optional expedited process for a higher rate.

What you get is any number of custom-branded tokens based on the SparkleCOIN blockchain, custom-branded Windows and Mac OS desktop wallets, and a custom-branded blockchain explorer. This revolutionary service makes the implementation of blockchain technology easier and cheaper than ever before. And to top this all off, this turnkey token creation service comes with no percentage fees or extra compensation, no tokens taken on the backend. The money you raise is yours!

Other optional services are also available including: White Paper Creation, Landing Page, Token Sale Marketplace, Pitch Deck Creation, and Mobile Wallets.

Inquire today to learn more about SparkleCOIN’s token creation service. Let us create your token so you can focus on the things that make your company special, your people, your service, and the value you’ll bring to the world.

Your blockchain partner

Blockchain customization, development and implementation Public or private/federated blockchain Blockchain consulting Cryptocurrency exchange and payment gateway.

Why blockchain and why Sparkle Coin Group?

Blockchain (or distributed ledger) - will transform the way we do business. Although best known for cryptocurrencies, blockchain is much more than just the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. It has the potential to create radical changes and efficiency gains in every economic segment.

Already, financial institutions, retail, logistics, manufacturing companies and others, have either invested in, or planning investments in blockchain technologies, with expected efficiency gains or costs reductions of up to 70%.

As blockchain becomes more and more pervasive, becomes the defacto industry standard for everything; from supply chain to financial transactions, and more, early adapters of blockchain technologies will have gained potentially insurmountable competitive advantages, possibly domination and control the new business standards and infrastructures in their industries.

Public vs. private / federated blockchain

Before starting a blockchain project, one must decide what kind of blockchain they want to use. Just like public cloud vs. private cloud, buying and installing an enterprise application vs. using cloud software (SaaS), internet vs. intranet and other examples, a blockchain can be either public or private/federated.

The main difference lies in who can participate. Anyone can participate and maintain the shared ledger in a public blockchain, whereas participation is through invitation only in a private or federated blockchain.

Just like the examples of public vs. private cloud or onsite vs. cloud software, there are cost implications to maintain and manage a private blockchain.

Blockchain experience and expertise are rare commodities

As with all new technologies, and more specifically technologies with such transformative and disruptive potential, finding experienced and skilled blockchain developers or consultants is both difficult and costly.

Sparkle Coin Group - your partner for blockchain projects

Having developed its own hybrid PoS/PoW blockchain, Sparkle Coin Group has a team of in-house blockchain experts and project managers along with a network of experienced blockchain developers. Sparkle Coin Group provides a robust and flexible development team for:

  • Custom blockchain projects, private, federated or public.
  • Blockchain consulting and services- industry specific solutions