sparkle coin cryptocurrency

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find your question here, please email us at support@sparklecoin.com.

Why can’t I log in to my sparklecoin.com account?
Since our ICO has ended, all buying, selling, and trading will now take place on www.vcoinexchange.com. If you have not done so already, please create an account on VCoinExchange to buy, sell, and trade, as well as keep track of the current rate of SparkleCOIN. If you have remaining balances, please submit a support ticket to support@sparklecoin.com

How do I update my wallet?
To update your wallet, please follow the steps in the following guide according to your operating system: https://sparklecoin.com/blogs/news/wallet-update-v1-1-0-0-walkthrough

Where can I see the current rate/price for my Sparkle Coins?
This information can be seen on VCoinExchange, at the following link: https://www.vcoinexchange.com/exchangeng/reportchart

I purchased during the ICO, where are my coins? 
If you purchased coins during our ICO and have not received them, it is likely due to us not having your wallet address to send your coins to. Please send an email to support@sparklecoin.com in order to begin a ticket to find your wallet address and have your coins sent out to you. It is also possible that you may have not provided a reference number when sending funds during the ICO, so we have no account to attach the funds that we have received to. In this event, please send your information over to support@sparklecoin.com so we can verify that we did in fact receive your funds.

Can my information and remaining balance on Sparklecoin.com be transferred to VCoineExchange?
Yes, we can migrate your information over. Please submit a request to support@vcoinexchange.com and also provide us with the email you used to create your sparklecoin.com account.

I sent some coins out of my wallet, but they have not been confirmed nor have they arrived at the address I sent them to?
There could be a few reasons for this, but the most common is that your wallet is not up to date with version Please click on the follow link: https://sparklecoin.com/blogs/news/wallet-update-v1-1-0-0-walkthrough, which explains how to update your wallet to the most recent version. If you are still having issues, please contact support@sparklecoin.com for assistance.

I have some coins minting, but they seem to be gone. How do I fix this?
After your coins have gone into a maturing state, they will remain there for 300 blocks (or about 5 days). Once this has finished, your coins will be placed back into your wallet, and you will receive newly minted coins based on the number of coins that went into a maturing state, and how long you had them in your wallet for. (The annual yield is 1%, so you may receive 0.25% after the 90 day maximum probability period). If your coins are still stuck in the maturing phase after the 300 block period, please send an email to support@sparklecoin.com so we can take care of this for you.

What is mining and minting?

Mining SparkleCoin requires mining hardware which utilizes the SHA256 hash algorithm to "solve" Proof of Work blocks. If you would like instructions on how to use your hardware to mine using our pool, please click on the button "Download Mining Instructions" below.

Minting SparkleCoin is the process of collecting rewards by contributing to our network security, by "solving" a Proof of Stake block. This probability is calculated by the number of coins you have within a transaction in your wallet, and the number of days the coins within that transaction have been in your wallet. The maximum number of days that your coins can reach their highest minting probability percentage is 90 days. After 90 days, your coin age no longer contributes to the purpose of solving a block. The mint probability percentage is the likelihood that your coins will mint new coins (the higher the percentage, the higher the probability for your coins to mint). The reward for minting can be as much as 1% per annum. You do not receive this reward evenly over time, instead it comes in chunks every time you "solve" a Proof of Stake block. The amount you receive from each block is based on the coin age used to mint that block. In order to mint, you must leave your wallet open at all times, and "unlocked for minting" if you have encrypted your wallet.

Download "Mining" Instructions